In 2003, one revolutionary website changed the way we view and use the internet. It’s called MySpace and it was awesome. Suddenly, connecting and interacting with friends is just a click away. By 2006, it was the most successful social networking website in the United States. It was only a matter of time before online marketers figured out a way to make money out of these social networking sites.

Today, a huge number of new and improved networking web sites continually pop in and out of the internet, promising a wide range of functions and services. In essence, social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter does more than keeping in touch with friends or poke people. It can be the perfect stage to market yourself. We all know how these sites allows free advertising space and it’s up to you to tap into its potential and use it to expand your business. This is where smart marketing comes in the picture. Now, it’s pretty useless to have a gazillion of friends on Facebook or tens of thousands of people following you on Twitter if you’re not going to market yourself effectively. Take advantage of this medium and turn it into a great money-making idea!

Make A Decent Profile

Remember, you are advertising your services. You want people to take notice and listen to what you have to say. You want your target audience to take you seriously because you mean business. That means you have to put an extra effort to make sure your profile does not contradict your intentions. Put a great picture, personalize your page and include every relevant fact about you as an online entrepreneur on your profile.

Add Friends

It may be a bit tedious to do at first especially if you are the kind who hates typing verification codes every single time but you have to start somewhere. This is the first step to get yourself out there and advertise. Set a particular target. Adding 15 to 30 friends a day should do it but don’t go crazy because Facebook might mistake you for a bot and immediately remove your profile. Also, be mindful of your manners. Add a personal touch by including a short but cordial introduction every time you send out any friend requests. In my experience, people tend to approve my requests faster this way.

Make Connections

Hunt down different groups that have any connection with MLM business. Join in as many network marketing groups as you can and leave comments on their profile pages or be active on posting your two cents on their threads. This way, you can interact with people who share the same goals as you do while also learning valuable tips and strategies to improve your craft.

Make Your Own Group

That’s right, start your own official page and invite all your new-found friends to join your group. This is great especially for people who want to position themselves as a decisive leader. Make sure to spread the word and leave useful tips and vital strategies on how to develop their own businesses. Share ideas, collaborate, advertise, market yourselves, your group can be all about these and more!


With your new group up and running, make it a point to post relevant ads which will enable you to lead people in the direction that you want. There maybe an overwhelmingly large number of ads in each group but there are always people who are hungry for information and needs you to provide the answers.

Got an Idea? Shout it Out

Update your shout out box as often as you could. This goes the same for your other social networking profiles such as Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, etc. However, share only the best tips and important strategies that would benefit your audience. Update your friends about new content on your website, new videos and/or helpful tricks you found online. Be relevant and watch your traffic increase.

Put A Face Behind That Profile, Interact!

There are several ways that you can interact wit your target audience. Facebook now offers an instant messaging platform similar to that of Skype and Yahoo messengers. This service can further enhance your interaction with your network marketing friends to a more personal level. But be mindful about subtlety. Never go around brazenly promoting your services or products. That would just drive your prospective customers away. Provide concise answers to inquiries and don’t be shy about introducing yourself.

Dream Big & Keep in Touch

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