Building your online marketing business using a few good habits that would promote profits wouldn’t hurt. It may seem like small improvements but in the world of Internet Marketing, developing a good kind of routine is crucial. You can bet that you’ll see a definite bump in your earning potential with just a few simple practices.

First, make a habit of updating your social media profiles every day. You don’t necessarily have to spend an hour doing so, a few minutes will do. Social media networking is the new “it” things and it does wonders for promoting website visibility and advertising so be a part of the action.

Second, find some ways of improving your productivity everyday. Be on the look-out for little things that could make a big difference. Remember that the life of an internet marketer is leaning towards unhealthy and sedentary that’s why it’s best to keep both body and mind active. Escaping the monotony clears the head and leads toward better decisions.

Third, make a habit of checking out emails twice everyday. Why waste all day checking out massive numbers of emails, getting sucked on such a task when you could be addressing more pressing matters. Handling your emails a couple of times in a day save you both time and sanity.

Fourth, make it a point to check out the details of your online marketing projects. Details, no matter how big or small count a lot. So don’t settle for anything else. Be on the top of your projects.

Although these habits don’t necessarily guarantee that your business would suddenly hit the big time by the week’s end, it promotes efficiency and progress. Through small yet consistent changes, you can dramatically see improvements that would eventually lead you to success.

You can develop these good habits through repetition as habits don’t come fully formed. Developing the same positive behaviour overtime until it becomes a part of you will prove to be crucial for the betterment of your business.

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Javier Ramos

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jesse M Allaria

15. Sep, 2009

Great approach and important advice. overall.. awesome helpful content for any type of marketer. Congratulations Javier.


18. Sep, 2011

I’m a believer in the saying that first we make our habits, and then our habits make us so thanks for the tips.

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